Co, Co2 Measurement Instruments

Below you will find the overview of our measuring instruments and attachable probes for the recording, analysis and documentation of CO and CO2.

  • testo 535 - CO2 meter for CO2 measurement in ambient air

    testo 535

    Ideal for measurement of CO2 in the ambient air: the testo CO2 meter with maintenance-free, long-term stable sensor.

    • Quick and accurate CO2 measurements
    • Long-term measurements using max and average values
    • Long-term stable, maintenance-free infrared sensor
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    Order no. 0560 5350
  • testo 480 - Multi-function HVAC analysis instrument 

    Testo 480

    Measuring, analyzing, logging: the testo 480 digital temperature, humidity and air flow meter allows you to carry out air flow measurements in ventilation ducts, temperature measurements in laboratories, humidity measurements in production, pressure difference measurements in clean rooms – and many more measurements as well.

    • High-quality optional sensors for measuring air flow, temperature, humidity, pressure,degree of turbulence, heat radiation, CO2, illumination intensity, PMV/PPD and WBGT
    • High-precision, integrated pressure sensor included
    • Pro-software for easy and efficient analysis andlogging included

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  • testo 435-4 - Multifunction IAQ meter

    testo 435-4

    The testo 435-4 multifunction IAQ meter for all your IAQ/HVAC measurement needs– including pressure difference sensor for pitot static tube/ filter monitoring.

    • Includes pressure difference sensor for pitot static tube measurements or filter monitoring
    • Further sensors optionally available (eg. anemometer, moisture sensors, lux and degree of turbulence sensors) for a variety of different measuring applications
    • Super-size memory for up to 10,000 measurements
    Rs86,983.00 Taxes & freight extra
    Order no. 0563 4354
  • testo 435-2 - Indoor air quality meter

    testo 435-2

    The testo 435-2 indoor air quality meter allows you to carry out all the measurements that are necessary to check and adjust ventilation and air conditioning systems and assess the indoor air quality.

    • Comprehensive range of measuring functions using optional accessories – e.g. anemometers, moisture sensors, lux and degree of turbulence sensors
    • Super-size memory for up to 10,000 readings
    • Displays dew point difference, min, max and mean values
    Rs60,273.00 Taxes & freight extra
    Order no. 0563 4352
  • testo 315-3 - CO and CO2 monitor for ambient measurements

    testo 315-3

    For quick and precise carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide measurements. testo 315-3 is a CO and CO2 monitor to carry out quick and reliable ambient measurements.

    • Parallel CO & CO2 measurement
    • Visual and audible alarm when thresholds are breached – adjustable thresholds
    • Extremely robust sensors
    Rs90,583.00 Taxes & freight extra
    Order no. 0632 3153
  • testo 317-3 - CO detector for measuring CO in the surrounding air

    testo 317-3

    Carbon monoxide is a killer. The compact testo 317-3 CO detector provides you with quick and reliable means of testing the surrounding air for carbon monoxide.

    • Ready to go: no zeroing phase
    • Alarm with adjustable thresholds
    • 3-year CO sensor warranty
    Rs17,768.00 Taxes & freight extra
    Order no. 0632 3173
  • testo 317-1 - Back pressure indicator

    testo 317-1

    Gas leaks on heating systems can quickly become a problem, because breathing in poisonous gases leads to health risks or even a risk of death. With the testo 317-1 back pressure indicator you have a handy measuring instrument which detects escaping heating flue gases quickly and reliably.

    • Reliable recognition of escaping flue gases
    • Bendable measurement probe for points which are difficult to access
    • Audible and visual alarm
    Rs10,684.00 Taxes & freight extra
    Order no. 0632 3170
  • testo 315-2 - CO warning/measuring instrument

    testo 315-2

    Warn your customers before it becomes hazardous: use the testo 315-2 CO warning/measuring instrument to check the CO content in the ambient air and reliably detect even the smallest concentrations of this highly toxic gas. When limit values are exceeded, the measuring instrument issues a warning via an acoustic and visual alarm.

    • Reliable warning of CO poisoning
    • DVGW approval
    • With calibration protocol
    Rs44,595.00 Taxes & freight extra
    Order no. 0632 0317