Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers

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Testo data logger

Testo offers a really wide range of different data loggers for continuous temperature and humidity recording. Using the right data logger in handy format, you can always ensure high-precision measurement at one or more measuring locations with an internal or external sensor.

You can choose between various software versions for programming and reading Testo data loggers, as well as for analysing the temperature and humidity values on the PC. ComSoft Basic software is supplied free of charge along with each data logger. ComSoft Professional includes various options for more detailed data analysis. For the special requirements in the area of the pharmaceutical industry, Testo offers you an optimum software solution with testo ComSoft CFR 21 Part 11.

Data logger for temperature and humidity

The testo 175 H1 is the professional compact data logger for monitoring temperature and relative humidity. It is equipped with a humidity stub probe which is characterised by its fast response time, high level of measuring accuracy and long-term stability. This makes the testo 175 H1 ideally suited for the high requirements in the pharmaceutical sector.

Our cost-effective testo 174H mini data logger enables reliable checking of temperature and humidity, even during transport.

The testo 176 H1 and H2 data loggers have two connections for external temperature and humidity probes. The probes can be positioned according to the individual requirements in the area. The metal housing of testo 176 H2 guarantees robustness and protects it against mechanical effects. On the other hand, the clear display of testo 176 H1 gives on-the-spot information about measuring values and limit value violations.


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